If Golf is your game, Pretoria East is a good place to live. We have some really nice Golf courses and Country Clubs this side of Pretoria. Some in Estates and others in nice parkland surroundings. If your game isn’t good enough for the course yet, you have lots of other options.

Let’s start with the basics, let’s look at where you can go to get better. First on my list would be Tuks @ LC De Villiers, they have a decent driving range there with the option to take unlimited balls. They have both Astroturf and regular grass you can hit off. Astroturf is a lot easier and makes you look like a better golfer than you actually are, so it’s great for beginners. Then you have Kimiad driving range, a nice driving range with a bit of a nature feel. The last one on the driving range list is Six Fountains. They’re ok at best, some targets to hit to and a small pitch and put. All these facilities give you the opportunity to practice all aspects of the game, but most people go to driving ranges to see how far they can hit a ball and don’t really practice.

Then we take a look at golf courses, we really have some nice ones. More »