Pretoria East Hospitals

We have decided to compile a list of helpful contact details of Pretoria East Hospitals. This list of hospitals is by no means exhaustive, but we will try and keep it updated as things change and new hospitals get added.

It might be a good idea to bookmark this page, the reason for that is, when faced with an emergency situation, you don’t want to fiddle around to find the contact details. Sometimes panic causes us to not think straight and struggle with the simplest of tasks. For this reason, it’s a lot simpler to just click on saved bookmark. (Windows PC press ctrl+D to bookmark page) (Google Chrome, click on start in address bar) When you have to find these details in a testing situation, you will hopefully know where it is and all things will go smoothly. Another really simple plan is to write the details of the closest two or three hospitals on a piece of paper and stick it to your fridge, that way you don’t even have to look online.

Please share this list with people that might need it, because in an emergency you can never get this information fast enough.

List of Pretoria East Hospitals

If you have any suggestions regarding Pretoria East Hospitals, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with the details. If it belongs here we will include it. Or alternatively you could just leave a comment on this page.


Pretoria East Community Team.

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