Happy New year everybody, may 2015 be all you want it to be.

If you made the decision to get to the gym more, eat healthier or just be a better person, we’re hoping for success and that you’ll be happier for it.

We’re hoping that 2015 will see fewer strikes and less power outages to help our economy grow a little. In general businesses are struggling and Eskom’s load shedding isn’t helping. The combination of Eskom and strikes are bad for our whole country’s economy and it’s hurting foreign investment. Nobody wins when people strike, ok maybe the Unions win, but thats it.

So lets hope that 2015 will be a year of few to no strikes and Eskom seeing the light and finds a solution to our energy crisis.

Maybe a miracle can happen and we’ll see a change in everyone in this country’s attitude, no more me, myself and I and more of what can we do to better the country. No more stealing of government money and hopefully we can make this country a prosperous one inhabited by people who care about their country. Apartheid and racism is old news, this should be the New South Africa that everyone loves. Stop living in the past people, the past is just that, the past. Now is the time to look at the future and try and make tomorrow a better place and everything starts with you and me. So let’s make 2015 count.

Happy New Year, hoping that 2015 is a great one!

We hope that the people from the Pretoria East community will enjoy the festive season, drive safe if they’re going to travel.

If you’re going away, remember to have someone pop in now and then (ideally every day) to make sure everything is still ok and also remove old newspapers and post if it’s an indication that you’re not at home. There is nothing like a municipal wheelie bin standing outside for days after trash removal day to indicate an empty house.

If you have any safety tips for your fellow community members this festive season, please share your ideas. If your safety tips could help only one person it would make it all worthwhile. So please share and help our community be safer this festive season.

Kind regards and Merry Christmas to all our readers, be safe and return fresh and relaxed, ready for the new year.

Pretoria East Community Team

Just read an article on the Pretoria News with this heading – Africa Bank charges poor 60% interest.

This just sounds wrong, how can they be allowed to charge such high interest rates? Kick a person when they’re down why don’t you. The article goes on to say “The company provides loans at interest rates that can reach 60 percent annually to people who lack assets required to secure credit at other banks.” Does this sound like the type of behavior that will help someone in need?

The article can be found here – http://tinyurl.com/kc3ll5o

Yesterday we had a small earthquake that was felt far and wide. Apparently it registered 5.3 on the richter scale. It was apparently in Orkney and was 5.5 according to Beeld newspaper. It doesn’t really matter if it was 5.5 or 5.3, the problem is that it happened. The cause could have been from collapsed mining tunnels or tectonic plates that moved. Hopefully the damage caused by the earthquake wasn’t too bad and we don’t get any serious aftershocks.

With that said, how can people live in areas where they are prone to serious earthquakes? Take the San Andreas Fault for example, people in California and San Francisco are so used to earthquakes it’s not even funny. Maybe it’s like us being used to crime, corruption, murder and hijacking. They get serious tremors, their houses collapse completely and they just rebuild on the same spot. WTH?

Anyway, it doesn’t make sense.

If Golf is your game, Pretoria East is a good place to live. We have some really nice Golf courses and Country Clubs this side of Pretoria. Some in Estates and others in nice parkland surroundings. If your game isn’t good enough for the course yet, you have lots of other options.

Let’s start with the basics, let’s look at where you can go to get better. First on my list would be Tuks @ LC De Villiers, they have a decent driving range there with the option to take unlimited balls. They have both Astroturf and regular grass you can hit off. Astroturf is a lot easier and makes you look like a better golfer than you actually are, so it’s great for beginners. Then you have Kimiad driving range, a nice driving range with a bit of a nature feel. The last one on the driving range list is Six Fountains. They’re ok at best, some targets to hit to and a small pitch and put. All these facilities give you the opportunity to practice all aspects of the game, but most people go to driving ranges to see how far they can hit a ball and don’t really practice.

Then we take a look at golf courses, we really have some nice ones. More »

Do you own a 4×4 and only use it for the annual Mozambique or Botswana trip, or worse for pavement jumping and shopping trips. You have other options as well. There are plenty of fun outrides and 4×4 trails in our area that is definitely worth a visit. Some more so than others, but fun none the less, and fun for the whole family if they fit in your 4×4.

Again this isn’t an exhaustive list, not that we have so many places right here in Pretoria East, but there are some fun places to visit.

Rhino Park McCarthy 4×4 Club

First on the list is Rhino Park and the McCarthy 4×4 Club. This is a family orientated outing and is fun day usually done on Sundays. This trail is open for everyone and not just for club members, but you have to book on days where there is no 4×4 day organised. Rhino Park McCarthy 4×4 Club is a guided trail with knowledgeable guides to give you advice as well as show you the correct lines to take on the more difficult sections of the trail. The trail is rated at 3½ grading and is definitely NOT for your 4×4’s without diff lock, low range and good ground clearance. More »

We here in Pretoria East have a variety of good schools, in fact we could argue that we have some of the best in the country. Without going into too much detail about which ones are the best, let’s just keep it at we have excellent schools in Pretoria East.

Again this list if far from exhaustive, but we will work towards listing all of them. If we missed you school, please let us know and we’ll include it. More »

Our aim with this page is to list Emergency Services numbers, please help us get this list up to date so that we don’t have to run around when we are in an Emergency situation.

Please inform us if you find any numbers that is not in use any more, or numbers that has changed.

Police Stations serving our community.

Always remember 10111

Boschkop Police Station – 012-802 8211 – Their Web Page
Brooklyn Police Station – 012-366 1700/1804/6 – Their Web Page
Garsfontein Police Station – 012-470 4200/4235 – Their Web Page
Lyttleton Police Station – 012-644 8600/66/44 – Their Web Page
Silverton Police Station – 012-845 4047 – Their Web Page


Here is a list of Hospitals and Clinics in and around Pretoria East. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we will grow it as we go along.

If you have any suggestions regarding Hospitals in Pretoria East, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with the details. If it belongs here we will include it. Or alternatively you could just leave a comment on this page.

Pretoria East Community Team.

Wilgers Hospital
Pretoria East Hospital
Faerie Glen Hospital
Kloof Hospital
Brooklyn Day Hospital
Lynnmed Clinic
Constantia Park Medicross