Do you own a 4×4 and only use it for the annual Mozambique or Botswana trip, or worse for pavement jumping and shopping trips. You have other options as well. There are plenty of fun outrides and 4×4 trails in our area that is definitely worth a visit. Some more so than others, but fun none the less, and fun for the whole family if they fit in your 4×4.

Again this isn’t an exhaustive list, not that we have so many places right here in Pretoria East, but there are some fun places to visit.

Rhino Park McCarthy 4×4 Club

First on the list is Rhino Park and the McCarthy 4×4 Club. This is a family orientated outing and is fun day usually done on Sundays. This trail is open for everyone and not just for club members, but you have to book on days where there is no 4×4 day organised. Rhino Park McCarthy 4×4 Club is a guided trail with knowledgeable guides to give you advice as well as show you the correct lines to take on the more difficult sections of the trail. The trail is rated at 3½ grading and is definitely NOT for your 4×4’s without diff lock, low range and good ground clearance. More »