The Easter school holiday is on it’s last day. Tomorrow the traffic will be back in full swing in our part of Pretoria.

Some are looking forward to going back and others will be sad, either way, it’s only a few day till the schools take a little break again.

Here is a link to a website with all the Gauteng School Terms for 2015, it’s got all the dates we wonder about. You’ll be able to see all the school terms for 2015 and can start planning your December break having the dates.

Then with the going back to school theme for this post, there is something very important we should also cover, something slightly off topic, but something that really needs to be brought up. Bullying! We have all seen children that are scared to go to school because of bullies, it can be very traumatic for children and we should try and help as soon as we notice something is not right. It’s important to act soon and help avoid it in future.

What is the best way to handle bullies? Well, here is a link to and the articles topic is 5 Ways to Bully-Proof your Kid. It gives you options and what to do in cases where your child is being bullied. Read the article and look for the signs, our children need our help.

If you’re one of the lucky ones with children that don’t get bullied at school, teach them that bullying is wrong and when they see it happening that they should try and help if they can. The attitude of “it’s not my problem isn’t going to help in this matter. If we want to clamp down on bullying we must get involved and get our children to help fight the problem. I doubt if bullying a bully will help, but when the same person is being reported for bullying the whole time, that person will eventually get called into the office and possible with his or her parents, that could possible help eliminate one bully at a time and make a positive change in a few childrens lives.

Let your children help fight the fight against bullies, in most cases it can be sorted out with just a few words from a senior scholar to say that it is wrong and if it happens again further steps will be taken to make sure the relevant teachers are informed and that disciplinary steps will be taken.

Thanks for reading this post. Please help our children fight the good fight against all bullies, whether your child is being bullied or not.

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Pretoria East Team.


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