If Golf is your game, Pretoria East is a good place to live. We have some really nice Golf courses and Country Clubs this side of Pretoria. Some in Estates and others in nice parkland surroundings. If your game isn’t good enough for the course yet, you have lots of other options.

Let’s start with the basics, let’s look at where you can go to get better. First on my list would be Tuks @ LC De Villiers, they have a decent driving range there with the option to take unlimited balls. They have both Astroturf and regular grass you can hit off. Astroturf is a lot easier and makes you look like a better golfer than you actually are, so it’s great for beginners. Then you have Kimiad driving range, a nice driving range with a bit of a nature feel. The last one on the driving range list is Six Fountains. They’re ok at best, some targets to hit to and a small pitch and put. All these facilities give you the opportunity to practice all aspects of the game, but most people go to driving ranges to see how far they can hit a ball and don’t really practice.

Then we take a look at golf courses, we really have some nice ones. I’m not going to say which ones I feel are top of the list, because that will be like telling a Bulls supporter the Stormers are a better team. Luckily the nicer courses have different things that make them nice, so you’ll do well to go and try them all. Let’s start with the one closest to town, Waterkloof.

Waterkloof Golf Club or the old Monument is a test of your game, nothing too special, except of course their prices on a Monday which is in the region of R80 for affiliated visitors and if I’m not mistaken R90 for non affiliated. If you consider what some of the mashie courses charge for a game, this makes a lot more sense. Waterkloof is one of those courses where you should be able to place on fairways and the rough because of rocks. I would rate this a must play for anyone that doesn’t want to pay the ridicules rates some courses charge for a game.

Then Pretoria Country Club, I like the feeling you get when playing there and especially the smell of their breakfast when you get close to halfway. Anyway, this is a nice layout, some would say it’s a bit short, but that would be nitpicking. Another course that tests all of your game with some wicket bunkers thanks to Mr.Gary Player. If memory serves me right there is something like 14 bunkers on the 18th hole. They have attempted to tone down the pot bunkers a bit and I think they’ve succeeded. Sitting at the 19th looking down the 18th you can’t see one of the bunkers. I would say for a nice escape this parkland course is an excellent waste of four hours or so.

Then we move on to Wingate Park Country Club, this is a real test if ever there was one. You need to stay on the fairways here if you want to have a chance of playing well, if you end up in the trees, take your punishment and play out to safety. Wingate has a funny habit of coming back and bitting you if you get cocky and think you can go for the Tiger shots. A lot of people feel that this is one of the hardest golf courses in Pretoria and I have to agree with that. It’s a very nice parkland layout with a bit of everything. If you feel like a real challenge this is what you need. It’s not an unfair course, but like I said, if you’re off line the best option is to recover from there. A must play for all golfers, but it might be a bit of a frustration for high handicap players.

Next up is Woodhill, this is the one I would say is the best conditioned course in the area. So if you’re more into looks and less into nice layouts, this is the course for you to go play. Woodhill Country Club isn’t a difficult course by any means, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to shoot a good score. If you have a wayward drive you can loose your ball very easily or find water on some of the holes. One hole that stands out for me on this course is the view from the 6th tee, you have a very nice view over Pretoria East looking towards Menlyn shopping center and Pretoria. This is a must play course, if your game is on the day you play there, your handicap might get cut.

The last one to get a mention is Silver Lakes Golf Estate. The Lakes part is very true on this course, there is water on 11 of the 18 holes, so if you’re a bit scared of water this might be the cure for that. I have always liked playing courses with lots of water and this one is no exception. It’s not the most difficult of golf courses, but if you don’t have your a game present you’re going to need a lot of golf balls. So take my advice on Silver Lakes, take enough golf balls or buy enough at their Pro Shop, you might need it. Silver Lakes on a windy day is not recommended for high handicap players even if you have enough balls. Again like most of the courses mentioned here, this is a must play.

Having played these and other courses enough to know we have some real gems in the area. It’s not the best in the country, but real quality courses non the less. So go out and have a nice walk in the park, hit some good shots, hit some bad shots and most of all, go out with friends or family and go play some golf. It’s a good walk and helps get your hart rate up a bit, or alternatively take a cart and have fun outing anyway.

Till next time.

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